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Wine collection of our family winery

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Baláž collection

The higher range of wines that bear our family name Primarily dry, medium-bodied, medium to full-bodied wines with strong varietal character, a fuller and more expressive palate, a well-balanced sugar/acid ratio and a long aftertaste. Wines that, thanks to their fullness and complexity, have great potential for archiving and further ageing.

Winery Balaz collection Balaz
Winery Balazs Tannowitz collection

Tannowitz collection

The highest range of wines from our best vineyards and locations, where the yield is significantly reduced by selecting grapes before processing and vinification. The wines are subjected to minimal technological intervention and are produced using original winemaking practices. The wines are produced only in the best and most suitable vintages. Big, powerful and opulent wines with a distinctive terroir character and great potential for archiving.

Pontic collection

A joint project of the winery BALÁŽ and TAUBENSCHUSS from Austrian Poysdorf and the wines of two young winemakers (Jiří BALÁŽ and Markus TAUBENSCHUSS) as a presentation of a "youthful and unbound" winemaking style and a unique "world view" of the new and emerging winemaking generation.

Winery Balazs Pontic collection
Winery Balazs Freshsecco collection

Freshsecco collection

Sparkling wines with enticing fruity aromas, a light and almost crisp palate and a pleasant freshness, lightness and playful, attractive bubbles. The wines are suitable as a refreshing summer aperitif for immediate consumption up to 2 years after bottling.

Sect collection

Chardonnay and Pinot Blanc is our first sparkling wine. We had the primary fermentation and subsequent training for the second fermentation, which already takes place in the sparkling room. Interestingly, we blended the base wine for the sparkling wine with Australian winemaker Mike Mazey. The wine was aged in the bottle for 24 months. We chose the Austrian sparkling wine producer Szigeti because their cooperation has proven successful with sparkling wines and their premium sparkling wines of the highest quality are recognised not only in Austria but also worldwide.

Sect winery Balaz
Winery Balazs Freshsecco collection

Danube Walnut

We would like to introduce you to a unique collection of 9 Rieslings from the Dunajov Hills, which is called Dunajovský vlašák. This collection of wines offers dry wines with a typical fruity character, with hints of grapefruit, ripe citrus, dried nuts and spices, complemented by honey and mineral notes. Their flavours then offer the same nuances, combined with a typical minerality and a slight saltiness in the aftertaste.